Hello, I’m Emma.

After studying art and ceramics early in life it wasn’t until my children were young adults that it became my career.

Being creative is what drives me! I work in many mediums from clay to paints/pastels and textiles.

When I’m not busy making something I’m usually in my favourite coffee shop sketching & designing.

I have created my studio space in my conservatory at home, it gives me plenty of light and a view of the garden. Being surrounded by flowers, nature and what the seasons have to offer is my biggest source of inspiration.

I walk daily over the fields and woods by my home in Bedfordshire and gather objects along the way to inspire ideas. I also spend a lot of time in Suffolk for the quality of light and beautiful landscapes.

I create functional ceramics from porcelain clay, often adorned with flowers and birds. These pieces are hand built at a slow and considered pace.

My paintings are hugely inspired by the seasons. I like to work with a muted/earthy palette. I paint in oils, acrylic and watercolour, and favour handmade paper for it’s unique qualities.

When I’m not working I enjoy styling my home and growing flowers. I’m also a keen photographer! I love to make everything around me beautiful.

I live with my husband and two daughters in a very draughty old house which we also share with our bonkers beagle Purdey, Louie- a handsome ginger tom cat, a budgie called Bobby (my biggest cheerleader) and four bantam hens.