Artist’s Statement

I create atmospheric, elegant, semi-abstract landscapes working in oil.

My work is inspired by the emotions stirred from a beautiful scene in nature.

The small elements that make up the sense of place-

The tones on the forest floor in autumn, how they can evoke melancholy.

Low sunlight catching grasses as it breaks through the trees brings joy and wonder.

The beauty of mist-shrouded fields, backlit by a sun trying to burn through conjures both mystery and a delightful stillness, all is calm.

I use the seasons and landscape to quieten my mind- heal- restore and contemplate. Walking and working out my thoughts and using paint as a creative release.

I seek landscapes all over the UK that have different tones & light.

I’m drawn to earthy muted tones with pops of colour. I start my paintings without a plan- I pour oils and let them move over the canvas, building layer upon layer over time, creating depth. 

I let the paint dictate as it forms rivulets and shows me the way through light and dark, painting using my fingers then scratching away to reveal the beauty underneath, to give a glimpse of the story hidden in the painting.

My work is a conduit for my emotions.

The process of painting in itself builds layers of ethereal beauty.

I live in Bedfordshire and spend a lot of time in Suffolk for the quality of light. I sell around the world via my website. You can also find me on instagram