Painting intuitively

I started painting using my emotions at the start of 2022. This small series of paintings just needed to come out of me. And that’s how I realised real art is made! In that moment I wasn’t painting a painting, it wasn’t about creating something to sell, I wasn’t thinking like a commercial artist or an artist wanting to get a collection in a gallery. I was jus a woman, standing in her cold studio, feeling all these emotions flowing through her. I haven’t painted like that since. Partly because it was exhausting but partly because that work got slammed in the beginning and this broke my heart anew. There was no approval only judgement and this was brutal because these creations, these where me, a part of me. It can feel like the world is closing in and you may want to curl up and cry after you’ve poured your heart out. It’s a bit like a break-up.

But I’m here to tell you it’s them not you! Your art does have a place in the world, as do your emotions. Don’t hide, there are people out there wanting and waiting to own something you have created, something that is so meaningful it just had to come out of you. Trust me, I know!

That collection, well some of it found its way into new homes all over the world. Why only last week I waved one off to it’s new owner who’d actually came to the studio to view something different but I took out a painting from this collection- Ethereal, I just knew it was going to be for her and it was.

I believe a piece of art will sit and wait for it’s new owner, it’s a connection, like first love or, old love. It’s a feeling of being just right. It doesn’t matter if you sell it or not but if the right person needs it in their life, for whatever reason, then they will find it. That’s why I urge you to keep making art but more importantly share it with the world! Share it on your blog, social media, even gift it. Just keep putting it out there.

I have learned a lot this year about myself as an artist, my practice and what really matters to me.

Paint because it’s in you, paint for the release, paint because it just has to come out. But more importantly, paint for yourself, not others. That’s what I’ll be doing from now on.

Emma x