01 / 06

Slow Art

Over the holidays I’ve been enjoying the very slow process of painting in oils. Always my preferred paint medium and one that should never be rushed in my opinion. I have started a series of abstract landscapes, not one painting dry yet, I’m simply enjoying the process of pouring mixed oils onto the canvas and waiting to see what base layers the paint creates. It is a very lengthy game… waiting for each layer to dry, building up paint, making sure I don’t overpaint and ruin the whole thing.

I’ve started two and have three more prepared canvas boards to create this mini series. I haven’t set an end to these paintings, they may go up for sale, I might keep them, I might just decide to sit with them for a time. There is no master plan to them- only the purpose of being quiet, finding solitude in the practice and a graceful beauty in the oil- that is enough.